Powerful, eco-friendly lighting

In order to guarantee the Lucie lamp fulfils its principal objective – to illuminate the surrounding area – we have designed a highly efficient, solidly built device.


The use of low voltage electricity ensures safe, low energy lighting – the level of illumination achieved requires just 3W compared to the 60W that would be necessary for conventional bulbs.

Parking lane outdoor in public park

Damage limitation

The principal problem associated with lighting fixtures in establishments open to the public is the damage that can be caused by carelessly driven cars, vans or trucks whose blind spots prevent their drivers actually seeing the fixtures whilst manoeuvring, vandalism etc.


The Lucie lamp seriously reduces the likelihood of damage as it is housed in the ground during daylight hours and therefore not at risk.

Resistant to traffic

Where space is limited, lighting fixtures can increase the difficulty of safely manoeuvring motorised vehicles or present obstacles in the way of people with disabilities.


The patented system of the Lucie lamp allows people and vehicles to circulate freely over the top cap, the only component visible when the lamp is retracted, wherever it is installed.

Minimum maintenance

The use of electro-pneumatic technology and choice of materials incorporated in the Lucie lamp reduces maintenance to a strict minimum whilst ensuring uninterrupted operation. The lamp has been designed to enable replacement of the light source as and when necessary.